The Around the World Mandala Project

   Ever since I went to the International Chalk Art Festival in Sarasota, Florida I became connected to street painters from all over the world. I even met real Italian "Madonnaris" (which means, essentially, professional street painters from Italy). It's big deal in the world of chalk art because it's a very old art form in Italy and to become a Madonnari you must be invited to participate in festivals there.

Gary Palmer with his mandala in Venice, Florida

  Anyway since I've returned my new friend,Gary Palmer, has invited me to participate in a event call the Around the World Mandala Project. Where street artists from all over the world simultaneously create large-scale public artworks in the form of mandalas in their home cities as a symbol of intentions of peace between peoples.

So now this is happening on Saturday, December 16th. Chloe will be back from college and has agreed to help me that day . This is great because she is the master of the mandala, she draws them incredibly well.

Here's my color sketch of what we'll be doing....

I have a lizard in the design because we're representing Phoenix. These are the other artists and their locations:

Vero Gonzalez in Monterrey, Mexico
Gary Palmer,Jessica Blumenthal and Ava Kasrabod in Venice Beach, California
Limnesh Augustine and Jincy Babu in Manama, Bahrain
Nathalie Berthon in Nice, France
Floya Jam in Toulon, France
Tim Ritter in Orlando, Florida

I'm looking forward to seeing all these amazing mandalas!!

In other news, Phoebe has secured a caricature job next week (her first!). She's been hired to draw the attendees at the Middle School Winter Formal. I'm really proud of her. Caricature is tough to do.


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