Dragon Boats and an art show

Last week Chloe was home for spring break, so we headed down to Tempe Town Lake to check out the Dragon Boat Festival. 

I know very little about Dragon boat racing but it seemed that teams came from as far as Canada to race here last Sunday.

Here you can see the teams lined up to race.

There were a variety of interesting food stands. Phoebe picked up this Filipino treat called a halo halo. It was surprisingly good with a little of everything in it!

It was a beautiful day but REALLY hot and sunny so before too long we headed back...

Last week was also Phoebe's big art show at school.

This is Phoebe's building project.

Her blue Saber Tooth Tiger.

Chloe looking at art.

Phoebe's texture project. She had many more art pieces in the show and was one of a handful of kids who sold art that night. The show was pretty impressive, but it is an art high school. :)

Yesterday, Chloe flew back to Missouri to finish off the semester. Here she is having a coffee at the airport cafe....

In the meantime I finished up this custom mask of a green alien rabbit from Star Wars...

The cosplayer who commissioned it was pretty excited. It's always nice to hear from happy customers. 

In other news, Mike is currently in California for Wondercon and he's coming home tonight! Yay!


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