Under the knife

This week I had my first ever MRI, which if you've never had one my advice is say "Yes, I'm claustrophobic!",  because if you aren't you will be by the end of it all. When I was in the ER a few weeks ago they had found a lump on my liver, and now I know that that lump is BENIGN!! YAY! When my mother was my age she'd already been fighting cancer for 5 years, so I pretty much thought this might be it for me....

On Wednesday they removed my gallbladder. It's an out patient procedure, but it's been a painful recovery so far. I made the huge mistake of watching a vid of the procedure on Youtube yesterday. Never, ever do that!! There was a lot of horrible ripping going on with serrated, metal clamps....UGH!

During recovery I have some art commissions to keep me distracted, and today I'm trying to get off the narcotics they prescribed me and stick with ibuprofen (still hurting quite a bit though). I need to be back teaching though next Thursday and a week from tomorrow I'm booked in Tucson for a chalk festival event. Should be no problem, creating chalk murals is only insanely physically grueling....Crap.


LGTPublicity said…
My sincere sympathy to you! I am sending calm and strength a wish for fast healing.
Kate said…
So scary, glad you're okay.

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