First Friday, a ticket to college and hand turkeys

This past weekend Mike headed down to Tucson comic con. It was a pretty good event, with the exception having to deal with the crazy guy searching his bags at the Greyhound station.

Since I had to teach on Saturday he went alone. Instead I went to Chloe's art opening at her school, since many of her pieces were chosen for the exhibit.

Chloe with her cut paper piece.
This one is her monoprint. Her print making teacher gave me a hug at the show and said she was amazed by how great Chloe has gotten this year! 

  And this is one of her life drawings. Chloe in fact had quite the weekend. On Saturday she got a letter from Hollins University in Virginia offering her a $108,000 scholarship for 4 years! This is her first big offer.  She was offered a couple really small scholarships to other schools, but this one means she may actually be able to go to college next year, with some additional loans and grants of course.

Saturday was the first day of a new session of my painting class. We did circle designs inspired by Atsuko Tanaka, a Japanese painter.

In other news...It's Thanksgiving time and I'm doing hand turkeys again!

Halloween is over!

Bacterial Hand Turkey

To keep up my daily hand turkeys you can check them out on my art blog here!


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