Kids on the Move

Last week was a flurry of travel for my kids who had just wrapped up their school years. It began on Tuesday at 4am, when we dropped a very excited Phoebe off at the airport for her big school trip to Washington DC...

Then she was off first to Virginia and then on to the capitol.

Phoebe by the Lincoln Memorial.

She had a fabulous time traveling with her friends. She also was thrilled to be visiting places that she spent the year learning about in her Social Studies class.

And here she is by the reflecting pool. The day after Phoebe flew east, we were at the airport again.  This time for Naomi, who was off to visit her Aunt Kristin and Uncle Duncan up in Washington State. Here she is waiting to board at Phoenix airport...

She had a good flight (all on her own!) and met them in Seattle.

Naomi on Whidbey Island with their dog Casey on the beach.

In a climbing gym in Seattle.

Naomi, Duncan and Kristin on top of the space needle.  She came home today more than a little sad that her big trip was over!

Chloe also took a trip last week with the Girl Scouts to tour through L.A. Here she is at the LaBrea Tar Pits.  

And walking through the museum.

At one of the exhibits.

Dino Bones!

She also toured the prop house for Waner Bros Studio. She tried on the sorting hat from Harry Potter.  As soon as it touched her head it shouted "Another Weasley!!" and placed her in Gryffindor.

On the Warner Bros Studio tour she saw the Ellen set.

As well as the set for "Pretty Little Liars"!!

She was home on Sunday night and clearly had a blast!  In the meantime Mike and I wound up alone for almost two whole days!! We also had a nice time. ;)


Duncan Watson said…
We had a great time hosting Naomi. Feel free to send my other nieces too.

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