The Sea Monster is finished and a walk in the park

Near the end of last week I finished painting the tail of my Sea Monster.

After completion I decided to lay all the sections together across the studio.  

I think this is my biggest sculpture yet!! Anyway I hang him up on Grand Avenue on Saturday morning for the festival.  I'll have to be up extra early and hang him before my art classes out in Scottsdale.

In the last week we've had a significant temperature change.  It's been about 60-70ºF in the afternoons here, which close to winter temperatures for us.  In honor of the fantastic new weather and the fact that it's only a five minute drive from our new place, Mike and I decided to take a walk around Capitol Park.

It's full of sculptures and memorials, some of which are just massive, like this one for the Navajo code breakers.

This sculpture of a little family is for workers.  

I really liked the interaction of the subjects.

The very colorful Desert Storm Memorial.

The sculpture for Vietnam was more on the grim and gruesome side.

I loved this one, under a pagoda near the center of the park was the Korean War Memorial.

It reminded me of the Yokohama Friendship Bell we used to ring for the New Year when we lived in San Diego.

The K-9 War memorial for dogs that have served in the military and on the police force.  

Pointing at you right now is one of the massive guns from a war ship. I think this was for WW2, but I can't remember (sorry there were A LOT of memorials in that park).  

There wasn't, however anything up for the recent engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Then we saw a huge area sectioned off and under construction and we thought, maybe that was it, but it turned out to be for some rich Senator.

Anyway this is me and Oscar in front of the huge door for the Department of Agriculture, that is clearly run by people the size of Hagrid.

@Carolyn Watson Dubisch

In other news, it is November and that means I'm drawing a hand turkey each and every day until Thanksgiving!! Check them out on my art blog here!


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