Books and Birthdays

Today is the first day of Thanksgiving break.  It began with trying the takeout Chinese food restaurant around the corner, and resulted in Chloe vomiting through the night.  She's recovering on the couch and her slightly traumatized friend that slept over has gone home.  We're hoping she'll be back on her feet for our journey up to Sedona for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Today my copies of one of my new books came in the mail.....

Santa Gets Healthy makes a great gift for the small children in your life!! 

Anyway, this week Phoebe had a big performance with her theater group.  Here she is onstage...

She's on the left. Unfortunately it's not the greatest shot.  All the kid's did a fabulous job and Chloe in particular really had a great time in the audience.

Phoebe turned 13 earlier this week as well, which means we have 2 teens in our house now (we're surviving).  She had a cake, but her big celebration is this weekend, when her friends come over and they go to see "Beauty and The Beast" at the Orpheum Theater.

I finished another sculpture for my show next summer....

It's called "A Tale of Misfortune" 

I'm also still creating hand turkeys for the next two days.  Check them out here!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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