Painting the Monster

Progress on my Sea Monster sculpture has been pretty steady since we moved to the new apartment.

Painting his head

I had some panicky moments figuring out the first section, but eventually it was done...

If you recall-he's being built in three sections.

I was storing the pieces outside on our patio for a while, but some guy with a leaf blower (I think he works here) blew leaves all over them and I had to clean them off.

Anyway in the last 2 days I finished painting the center section, so I put the first 2 pieces together for a photo op.

I was standing on a chair but it was still hard to capture a photo of both pieces. So Mike grabbed the step stool for me...

Ok... I'm trying but it's hard to take photos like this.  So I got off the step stool.

So here he is from the ground. Once the tail is done he'll be 12 feet long! Unfortunately the last section was damaged in the move, so I spent last night repairing the tail and making it sturdier. Today I'll start painting!

In the mean time the move has distracted me from getting my kids ready for Halloween, so I'm running in circles doing that today. :)  Happy Wednesday!


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