A Tropical Storm and an Abandoned Mexican Resort

The rain came down hard all night here in Puerto Peñasco.  Tropical storm Simon was passing through and we woke up to puddles in the kitchen and entryway.  One of the doors and two of the windows couldn't hold out the sideways rain. We also woke up to this in our driveway....

Fortunately we parked in the back. Or maybe it was unfortunately since something cracked our windshield (not that big a crack but it's there).

Anyway we were feeling like we needed to get some supplies so we decided to brave the "mud" road.

The mud and puddles were pretty deep, but we hit the "snow" button in the car and plowed on through.

We hoped we'd make it to the Super Ley, but the streets were so flooded we decided to stop at the Circle K.

After collecting some supplies, we headed over to get pizza across the street.

We had to wait for quite a while since they were heating their ovens so we took a walk in the park with the giant shrimp...

We also took some photos of the flooded cuerpo de bomberos or (fire station)....

Eventually, though,  we careened home through the mud with this surprisingly  good pizza!

Anyway Chloe's school friend, Ethan is also in Mexico this week for fall break.  His parents happen to own a house up the road.  He comes here several times a month.  He agreed to take us out to an abandoned resort that's turned into a ruin near his house.

Here's Chloe and Ethan near the entrance gate.

From inside you can see how the sand is reclaiming it.

Here we are walking near the sand covered wall.

Naomi running over to the first building.

 This inside the first building. 

This is the view from the balcony. The blue dome is another building in the resort.

Chloe and Phoebe hang out the window

As you can see this building was still under construction.  Apparently the company building this place just ran out of funding halfway through the build back in the 80's.  Now it sits on the beach as a shell of what it almost became.

Ethan and Chloe and Naomi are on the wooden steps.

The view from the downstairs.

Oscar and I in the downstairs.

The first building from the back.

Then we headed down the drive to the second building.  Here's Phoebe by the pool. It's a pretty big compound, you can see the other building in the far back.

This building seemed to be a bath house perhaps.  This is Naomi near what was to be the pool and the spa.

This is inside the second building.

There are a lot of pools around it.

Ethan and Phoebe walking towards the next building.

This was to be a bar mere steps from the beach.  From the beer bottles everywhere it seems that some people went ahead and brought their own.

We climbed up onto the roof of the domed building.

The view was pretty awesome.

Mike and I on the roof.

Naomi on the kitchen roof poking one of the oven vents.

The last building was to be a honeymoon suite.  Here's Mike taking a look inside.

The kitchen.

The very nice looking jacuzzi bath they set up.

The hot tub outside.  There was a dead lizard belly up in here that Naomi was looking at.

If anyone had ever used this hot tub they would have had an amazing view!

There was also a very pretty mosaic next to it.

Inside the honeymoon suite was another mural. This place really interesting but pretty sad.  So much work went into it and ultimately it was all for nothing. Apparently this is Ethan's favorite activity, though,  finding abandoned places and exploring. 


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