The waiting game, and, hey I have a new book!!

Yesterday after my kid's doctor appointments I sat in stop and go traffic at rush hour on 24th St..  As I sat there I noticed a man slowly trudging past on the sidewalk carrying a massive wooden cross.  On the cross beam was written "JESUSGODLOVESUSALL" in crooked letters.  When I watched him pass me and work his way up the street I realized something about myself.  I get really pissed off when men bearing 8 foot crosses are making better time than me!

The doctor's appointments were, well, tedious. The kids got their vaccinations and a lot of time was spent waiting in an exam room with no windows or magazines.  Talking to my neighbor this morning (who is a very outspoken, older Jewish woman), I think I hit a nerve when I mentioned waiting at the doctor's office.  She began to rant about how once she's brought to the exam room, she now stands in the open door and asks everyone that passes when it's her turn!  I can't stop laughing when I think of her doing this.☺

The good news is that this came in the mail 2 days ago....

Still waiting for news on the apartment....Gotta love waiting.

PS. This is my new book on Amazon!


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