Renting in Arizona

The time has come for us to start the moving process (again).  The condo we've been staying in is going up for sale and we've decided not to be here as potential buyers wander through.

This week we've started looking at apartments and townhouses around the city and have learned that renting in Arizona is pretty different than what we've experienced out of state.  First of all, just to look at an apartment they hold your drivers license in a drawer in the office. I'm sure there's a very logical reason, like so they know who you are in case you decide to break out a can of spray paint during the walk through.

We've also learned that the advertised cost is about $20 less than the rental price they quote you when you call.  Then if you discuss signing a lease they will tell you the "real" cost, which includes Arizona state tax.  It all means that you should look for an apartment listing that's about $100 less than you can actually afford.

Anyway we did find a very nice place downtown that is right near Chloe's school.  Now we're just holding our breath as we wait for our application to be approved (or not)..... Fingers crossed.


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