Springtime and "The Prom Aquatic"

Something I never knew until I lived here is that Phoenix is full of birds. Peeping, chirping, cooing, hooting, chattering, and whistling is all you can hear when walking down a quiet city street, it's like a rainforest. I guess it's not that surprising, Phoenix is an irrigated region full of sheltering trees in the middle of the desert, so birds flock here by the thousands.  The downside is (other than all the poo) I'll see at least 6 dead birds a week just on a walk with my dog.  This time of year is worse. In spring fallen nests are common and tiny corpses litter the ground.

Of course other things happen in spring.  Like prom....

Chloe is only a sophmore, but she's part of the student government, so she planned and help decorate and therefore was required to go to  "The Prom Aquatic".  Here she is on her way out with her friend Jewel.

Since Chloe was on the decorating committee, they arranged for my "Jelly Monster" sculpture to be part of the event.

Since her debut at the Frontal Lobe Gallery, she's been laying under a drop cloth on my patio, so it was nice to have her shown at another event. 

The Prom Aquatic was her last gasp though, and after last weekend she found her final destination.  All good things must come to an end.

This week is teaching, catching up on deadlines and having my kids drive me bonkers.... Between the elementary school science fair, the middle school "invention convention" and my high schooler's first student film I'm about ready to hide under my bed until summer vacation.  


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