Radio glitches, painting pictures and breaking things

When we first moved to this condo we purchased some beautiful, and expensive mugs from Pier One Imports.  Little did we know that living in a place with no carpets doomed them to this fate within 3 weeks.....

Every three months or so I now run over to Goodwill and purchase a random collection of  mugs and glasses for 50 cents each.  I think at this point we could fill a dumpster with the mugs we've broken.  This morning I realized we need more….

On Monday morning I hosted another episode of "Art of The Red River".  The station changes have been giving everyone at our network a headache.  There were issues with scheduling and then our music wouldn't cue up.  Fortunately we had some great guests who made the show a success.

Artist and writer AJ Smith joined us to talk about his new children's book, Even Monsters.

We also chatted with Pennsylvania painter Jody Fallon, who shared with us his process that seemed to involve a great deal of wine.

This week Phoebe won a full scholarship to a month long theater camp out in Scottsdale.  She wrote quite an essay and she's super excited!

In the mean time I've been busy teaching and painting.  It turns out that a cut paper project for my 4 year old class on the patio was NOT a good idea on such a windy day. I spent an hour running in circles chasing tiny pieces of paper around, while bewildered children watched their projects fly away. There was way too much running with scissors....

 These are some character designs for "Andy The Alligator's Bayou Adventures", the book I've been busy painting for the last couple of weeks.

In the mean time I've been finishing up some final design and layout work on "Catch a Dragon" by Canadian author, Ginger Nasser.

I really enjoyed painting dragons for this book.  In fact I'm sorry it's almost over. Lastly I've finally signed off on "Santa Get's Healthy" ,  which is  now coming soon....


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