The 4th Day of School, the snails and the centipede

Here it is!! All three girls on their fourth day of school! (Yes, I forgot on the first day, got lazy on the second, and felt bad about it on the third).  Anyway it's kind of difficult, as they get up at different times and go off in different directions to 3 different schools.  Naomi on the right is about to hop on her bike. Phoebe's running out the front door to catch her bus, and Chloe gets driven by us downtown.  I put Chloe on the carpool list in the hopes that I'd be able to split the driving with someone.  All that happened is that now I drive another girl from around the corner as well, but at least her mom's paying me gas money, and money is always good.  The only problem is that this kid is NOT a talker so twice a day it's a fifteen minute ride in nervous silence.  I've tried talking and so has Chloe, but now we just play music.

Today I picked up this guy from the Middle School library where he's been on extended loan....

He took a tumble during the hanging process so I'm going to repair him and see if I can get him into a consignment gallery downtown.  I'm also starting on a new sculpture this weekend....

I'm making some big snails for a festival on Grand street next October.  I probably won't be making this many.  But it should be fun, as the whole project needs to be created from recycled materials.  I have a couple of old beach balls and light bulbs for eyes.  I also have a new recipe for paper mache I've been dying to try out!


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