A journey to Cottonwood

On Sunday, the girls stepped off the bus from camp, full of exciting tales of making taffy out of marshmallows, night time antics of sneaking over to other cabins, and learning to ride a horse bareback.  Already they have big plans for next year, when they go back.

Then yesterday we loaded the kids into the car and drove them back into the mountains to meet up Mike's Uncle Ralph and family.

 It was cooler in Cottonwood, so we could sit outside at the diner.

Naomi showed Roy Peter her folding sunglasses.

Everyone got a chance to wear them.

Mike's Uncle Ralph spent part of his childhood living in Africa.  Each time we visit a tidbit of his life in Ethiopia emerges.  This time it was ants. The big red harvester ants busied themselves around the dusty ground near the diner while we ate lunch.  As we discussed their painful bite and the fire ants that make their home in Phoenix, Ralph began to tell us about the ants in Africa.  Huge pillars of nests appeared one day in their compound.  They poured boiling water into them, but it did little good.  The ants latched onto a litter of puppies they had and only one of the pups survived.  That was a darker tale, but I love to hear stories of his life abroad.

Tomorrow we leave for San Diego, to go to Comic Con of course.  I'm drawing at the Cartoon Art Museum booth on Thursday and Friday .    Mike's schedule is more elaborate....

Friday 10-11:30am Arcana Comics Booth 2415
Friday 2-3pm IDW Publishing Booth w/ Giant "IDW" sign

Saturday 12-1pm Cartoon Art Museum Booth 1930
Saturday "History of the Necronomicon" panel
8:30-9:30pm Room 8, upstairs

Sunday 12:30-1:30pm Arcana Comics Booth 2415
Sunday 2-3pm Cartoon Art Museum Booth 1930

And we'll be visiting with friends and family as well.  Anyway Happy Tuesday!


h said…
Camp is such fun as a kid...I wonder if maybe it'd be fun as an adult, too? lol

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