The Giant Centipede is taking shape ....

I'm still building my giant centipede piñata and began work on the body this weekend....

First I linked some of the balloons I'd paper mached last weekend.

When they dried I linked the doubled balloons together to create a large curved body.

Then I added his tail piece.  Next weekend I'll attach the ten legs and giant head, then it's on to painting this guy!  I'm excited to be showing in a local gallery. In the mean time you can see photo's of last year's mutant piñata show here.

It's always an interesting experience getting involved in galleries.  I remember when my kids were babies (6 and under) we all went over to Woodstock, NY to meet a gallery owner who wanted to show Mike's work.  She was a younger woman with wild hair, by that I mean REALLY wild.  She had just rescued some baby birds and was keeping them in her curly locks.  My preschooler and toddler were fascinated and amazed. I was also amazed, but a little disturbed.  Perhaps it was because at that time I had babies of my own and I knew just how much adorable little things pooped and peed.


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