Selling cookies in the sun

This morning we sold Girl Scout cookies out front of Ralph's supermarket and like every activity in San Diego it was in the direct sun.  So I hovered over the cookies with an umbrella hoping like crazy I wasn't selling melted blobs of chocolate.  We did pretty well and sold 45 boxes in 2 hours.  I don't know if it's the cute little girls or the fond memories of once having eaten a girl scout cookie but people can't resist these things. I wish my books sold as well.

The frame for the view screen for "Once Upon A Mattress" continues to occupy my living room.
It's making progress though.

I'm hoping it will be done and placed into storage by tomorrow!

In the mean time I've also managed to design this.  It's an iron-on for the tunics that the tech crew will be wearing. Isn't it cool everyone gets a costume! I'm so glad that I'm not doing the costumes.


Unknown said…
When I was a girl scout, back in the dinosaur days, boxes of cookies were bigger and sold for 25 cents each. How's that for a stunner!
It'd be a challenge to find any box of cookies for 25 cents now.... And if you found some would you want to eat them? :)

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