A Multicultural Festival and upcoming shows (of all sorts)

As the title of this post would indicate we went to the Multicultural Festival yesterday near the harbor.

There was a pretty good crowd.

First order of business; Purchase brightly colored treats!

The dancing, Spanish-speaking lion gave away backpacks!

Can you even have a Multicultural festival without the skulls of various animals?!

Then we found the "Rad Hatter's" very crowded hat making tent....

We busied ourselves with the scraps of materials we could find.

Now we're festivaling!  

Today it's been confirmed. Mike and I will be designing props and sets for The Looking Glass Theater group's upcoming production of "Seussical".  That should be fun and of course I'll be posting pictures of our progress here.  

My husband, Mike's big art show up in Burbank, CA is coming up.  It will be hung on Feb 1st and the fantabulous opening day is Feb 5th!  It's at the Hyeana Gallery and will be worth stopping by if you're in Southern California. ( If you haven't seen Mike's art click here!).

My system training begins next week for my new radio show.  I've lined up my first artist to interview, Jed Alexander, a talented illustrator in both comics and children's books. The first show will air Monday, January 31st, please tune in if you can!


Kris said…
Of course you have to have animal skulls! cute pics and it looks like you guys had a great time.

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