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I don't care how old I live; I just want to be LIVING while I am living!-Jack Lalane

Jack Lalane died this week at the age of 96 and since I'm over thirty I know who he is (for the under thirty crowd he's a little like Richard Simmons without the ridiculous hair and lisp). Apparently he was working out every day till the end (on the day I die I think I'll probably lay down!). Anyway, since the holidays I've been having trouble getting myself back on the stairmaster, until this week, so I have to thank him for getting me off my bum.

All the extra energy has got me moving on "Final Resting Place", the film that I'm working as project designer on.  I have about two more images, then I'll be opening it up to the other artists/animators.

"Tell him  NO Roger!!!"

"If he answers, there's no turning back!"

As you can see from the captions his new wife is a little upset that he is volunteering to be buried alive for a few days.  (Or maybe's she's upset that she's fallen for an idiot and just realized it!).

On thursday Mike and I went to our first production meeting for "Seussical" with the Looking Glass Theater and I worked out this sketch for one of the set pieces. The 2 black windows will be cut out and actors dressed as animals will be sticking their heads through.   Hopefully it will go over well.

This week we received a notice that my daughter has been late to school 5 times this year and we need to arrange a meeting to discuss it with some one who can't sign their name (so I don't know who they are).  Considering the schools don't supply buses and I have to get my kids to 2 different schools in opposite directions each morning at 7:30.  Then, when I arrive at her school there is a police officer there, but no where to park legally (so I must drive around or wait for one of the ten legal spots).  I'm pretty impressed that we've only been late five times since September! 

Oh well... It's off to the stairmaster!


Jack La Lane is sure inspiring. I'm almost 50 so I've been hearing about him forever.

I love your drawings. Good luck with the movie and the Seusical Musical. My niece was the lead in the Malibu High School's version last year. I'm sorry to say that I missed it.
I haven't picked the 15 bloggers to send off the award yet(had major personal issues going on). I did post linking back to your blog here.

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