Book Reviews!!! YAY!

I know, I know- I normally don't write book reviews on my blog (except for all that blathering on I do about my own work, which really doesn't count), but this chapter book for early readers has caught my eye and I thought I'd share. I have an 8 year old reluctant reader in my house and always like hearing input on good books for this age group.

Anyway, this book "the Great Snowball Escapade" struck a chord around here. Life is full of changes and so often they are challenging ones. This is the story of Wilhemena Brooks, a little girl who's life has hit a bit of a rough patch and her cousin, Bud Dunphry, who's in more of a tailspin. Together they discover that their new life together can be okay, maybe even good. It's a simply told story with realistic overtones and is the book to buy for any kid going through a difficult life change. The illustrations are gritty but charming and it's a truly engaging novel.

Now back to my book....

This is a hilarious video of Dr Twistid reading "The Horribles"!!


Connie Arnold said…
Thanks for sharing the review. Funny video!

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