While the kids are away....

Last weekend we packed off all three girls to sleep away camp up in the mountains for three glorious days!

Phoebe and Naomi were painfully excited. Phoebe went camping with her Girl Scout troop once and with her class in Argentina, but this was her first summer camp experience. Naomi had never slept away from home before. Chloe has been to camp numerous times, and had a preteen meltdown that this was interfering with her belt test for Tai Kwon Do. Mike rescheduled her test ( that she's taking today), and we dragged her off to camp with her sisters.

So we had our first weekend together without kids in nearly twelve years. What we did is really none of your business, but the girls had a blast!

When we picked up the kids on Sunday, Phoebe's counselors couldn't stop talking about how amazing and smart she is. I grinned and nodded and realized later she'd been practicing her Spanish all weekend on a bunk mate.

Chloe's group was participating in a program called "Horse Sense" where they groom and talk to horses when there was an unfortunate outburst from the instructor, and the camp staff sided with the campers, causing an uncomfortable situation. The incident brought her bunk, "The Owls" , together like only adversity can, and they formed a tight knit group for the duration of camp. Afterwards, Chloe told me it was the best camp she'd ever been to and was happy we made her go.

Naomi had a wonderful time, but her group "The Rabbits" was the youngest of all. They were so excited to be at camp they independently woke up at 5 am the first morning and ran their very tired looking counselors ragged. She kept up with all the activities for the duration of camp, but when she saw us she was grumpy in that very scary way that only Naomi can be. After a long drive home she fell blissfully asleep around 3pm, and still managed to sleep through the night.


Lily said…
Wow! Three days without kidlets? I haven't had any time kidless in eighteen years!! I cannot even imagine. I hope you had a wonderful time, and no, I have no need whatsoever to know how you spent the time :)!
Anonymous said…
Hey! I just wanted to thank you for your blog frog friendship. Thought I would stop by & check out your blog! It's lovely! Cheers & God bless, ELMDyck
We had a great weekend!

@E.L.M Dyck thanks for stopping in!

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