A Grape Day For Dad!

Okay... sorry about that title there's just no good excuse.

For Father's Day we headed out to Grape Day Park in Escondido to see the park and the children's museum there. Well that was the plan. It was a poorly researched one, as, even though I checked the website, I for some reason failed to read it. Particularly the part about the museum being closed on Sundays!

The grape themed playground was a hit with the kids though.

Then we wandered about the park and into the Art Center....

This place turned out to be great!

This gym was one of many interactive exhibits.

We got in trouble for taking pictures but fortunately we managed to get some of the bookhouse!

I really don't get how they built this.

It's even wired with an overhead light!

In the end a great Father's Day outing. :)


Lily said…
What a neat place!! The book house is awesome...being rather bookish, I would love to see that in person!
Thanks for sharing that day in my home town, beautiful San Diego! What community do you live in? We lived there until 2008 when he began our journey that we are on now. I have never been there to the book house and museum.
You will get used to the earthquakes somewhat, I was born in California so I had them all my life, although we still don't take them too lightly.
Mary Bennett said…
LOL!! I hate it when places are restrictive about picture taking. Looked like a neat outing.
Unknown said…
Happy that all went well..... Happy day after all.....
How cool, is that place.. What an adventure your giving your family.. OUr neighbors just sold everything in home- to go be missionaries in Costa Rica- and now after 2 yrs have decided to not come back and keep going.. I admire you..
Great little blog- a new follower I am..
Ill be back..
It was a good day, we should try and make it back there!

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