A visit to Coronado Island

The Small Press Idol contest continues to rule our days as we beg for votes online. With the weekend upon us we decided to sneak out!

On Sunday we took a day trip out to Coronado Island across the bay. As you can see Naomi was very excited to go on a boat!

It's a short trip across, maybe ten minutes. The girls wanted to ride up top.

Definitely the least windy ferry ride I'd ever taken.

We wandered about in the shops by the pier, and picked up some coffee (for Mike and I)and ice cream (for the girls). As we sat next to the public fountain this funny bird sat on a rock... He never left this spot for the entire day (we passed by again later on). I guess he was tired.

Coronado seemed like a nice little city.
Lots of beaches...

...Shops and galleries. The Dr. Suess gallery was very inviting for the kids.

I really liked his collection of "Unorthodox Taxidermy" as he called it...

After lunch and walking around we decided to head back.

In the bay near the ferry landing we found a giant sized couple.

Here are the kids by their feet...

This is the second "Giant Couple Sculpture" we've discovered while walking along a waterfront... A strange recurring theme for us!

After a long day of walking all over the island the children decided to take to the trees!


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