Back to Mexico, and an Easter Shake up!

Late last week we headed back to Tijuana. Mike needed to check in with his doctor (who said his mole was benign! YAY!), and we wanted to visit the Centro Cultural de Tijuana.

Here's Naomi out front.

This is a sculpture by the entrance.

We headed inside and went straight for some coffee in the garden.

The garden was beautiful and full of interesting artifacts.

This is Naomi near a small replica of a Mayan pyramid

Phoebe posing by a chain. (Not sure what it's for)

Naomi near the big tablet.

The girls loved these scuptures.

What's a Mayan exhibit without a giant head? I can only imagine what it would be like to happen upon one of these in the middle of the rainforest.

Here's Chloe inside the museum.

After walking around a bit we watched the "Amazing 3D Adventure" on their IMAX screen. The kids loved it and managed to keep up with the story in Spanish.

At about 3:30pm yesterday, we experienced our first significant earthquake. The floor was at first just vibrating, but then felt like a wave. Little objects fell from our shelves and my kids came running into the living room laughing and excited (Later on I realized we should have run outside, but I'm a clueless New Yorker).
The quake was centered in Mexicali (a nearby border city in Mexico), and was a 7.2 (that .2 makes it bigger than Haiti's back in January!). Of course here in San Diego and down in Mexico the buildings are designed for this kind of abuse, so I'm not sure there were any fatalities. I'm glad I wasn't on the highway though. Aftershocks have been shaking us pretty regularly. One 4.8 aftershock woke me up at 4am, and another 5.1 quake happened while I sipped my coffee at 6:15 this morning. Mike says it's like being on a boat, which is I guess where we'll be living if California slides into the ocean....


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