New gatita, sculptures in the square

Well, we have our new kitten. Her name is Isabella, though most of the time we just call her "Izzy". She's a little tiny cat, with a HUGE amount of energy. We picked her up on Tuesday right before Easter break, so she spent only a few days with us before we had to leave for Chile. It was agonizing worrying about her the whole time.

It felt like school was just getting started when out of nowhere it's Easter break. On the days before the break they lined up short logs in the square and on the first day of the break we heard the chain saws starting up. It was a sculpture competition. Each artist started with chain saws and then moved on to hammers and chisels.

The first day was probably the noisiest, but it was the only day we watched as we
prepared for our bus journey through the Andes.

This one was still in progress when we got back.

Here are pictures of some of the finished sculptures.

Next entry... Our journey to Puerto Montt, Chile.....Saludos


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