Aerolineas Argentina is holding Mike HOSTAGE!!!

Mike has been in the states for 20 days as of today. The kids have never been away from him so long....
It was a productive trip at first. He did well at the visa interview , organized our storage space and managed to get our mail from our renters and work out a system that made it possible for us to get the mail here.
He stayed with several friends and family members and I thank them all for their generosity.
On Tuesday, February 26th his flight from JFK was to leave then he connects in Buenos Aires to come here. He was supposed to be here Wednesday. Then it was delayed, once, twice, three times. Graciously Mike's cousin Sam agreed to let him stay on another day ( for a visit that was well past the fish dinner saying). The next day Mike headed early to the airport for and watched in shock as his plane was delayed again ...Three more times. The crew was having trouble getting into the country. The airline put him up in a hotel near the airport with 150 other passengers.
When Mike left for New York we made a some paper chains with 17 links and took one off each day to mark when Daddy gets home. At this point the girls cried as we added more links to each chain.
Finally on Thursday afternoon Mike boarded his plane at 1:30pm to Buenos Aires. His connecting flight was to arrive at Bariloche airport at 10:15 am. on Friday. Friday morning the girls and I dressed up set up our welcome home signs and rushed off in a cab to the airport. We sat by the gate and watched all the passengers leave. No Mike.
I wandered over to the locotorio ( public phones and internet kiosik)and logged on to my e-mail. Mike's plane had an emergency landing in Miami. A door was not closing properly and they put him up in a hotel there while they wait for a part to fix the plane. He has been there now for two days. The latest is that it's scheduled to leave at 6:55pm today to arrive in Buenos Aires at 5:55 am.
Mike is holding up okay though he says the food in Miami is terrible. I took down the paper chains two days ago. Now we have a guessing game..."When will Daddy be home?" The winner gets five bon bons.
When his plane was delayed at the airport last night at 1:00am there was a small riot among the passengers. The airline is no longer communicating well with the passengers. As of writing this the plane is scheduled for take off at 6pm... We'll see.
I hope he will be here by Monday morning. It's the girls first day of school...


troop1020 said…
oh my goodness! I hope Mike gets home soon.
I got Chloe's letter yesterday & will share it with the girls. I gave out your address to all the girls at our last meeting & I will share Chloe's letter & have them all write back at the next meeting.
Good luck with the first day of school

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