Shooting in Mazatlán


   Phew! We did our shoot today with the monster masks. First we were on the beach, and many tourists took photos of us while we got our shots. (It was mildly annoying).
   Then we went over to the "Narco Mansion". It's an abandoned mansion/castle that was owned by cartel and then seized by the government. The gates have been broken down and it's a perfect place to shoot. Youtubers were there also, filming an abandoned places video. We stayed by the murky green pool area and out of each other's way.
  When a magnificent castle gets reclaimed by nature in the tropics it's an amazing thing to see, but not so sure about the experience. There was a hive made by some kind of wasps in a huge tree. The hive was the size of a toddler, so we stayed clear, didn't want to wake them up!
... And there are vines hanging down everywhere. I got tangled in vines three times!
I know it's only March but I got so hot on site, especially the beach.


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