Family in town!


Mike's cousins from Oregon came to Mazatlán! We actually had family visit us abroad (this really never happens for us so I'm a bit stunned.)

This is Alan and Debbie visiting from Portland, Oregon and yes, a terrible shot of me as I jumped in at the last second. They were staying at a resort nearby and we actually went over and spent some time there!

 It was so strange for me to see so many English speaking, white people all in one place. They told us that a lot of these people never leave the resort, which is honestly so odd. I mean they came all the way to Mexico, why not rent a hotel room across town in their own city and hide out there?

Anyway Debbie and Alan toured the whole city and really loved Mazatlán. It was great to get to know them (and also use the hot tub as we haven't had hot water for several weeks and cold showers get old fast!)

  Mike and I have been running a crowdfunding campaign for his new art book of compiled sketchbook art. I have been laying out the book over the last two weeks and it looks fantastic. The Kickstarter has fully funded and did really well for such a short term fundraiser and I'm really excited to get this book in my hands soon!

  In other exciting news my new comic book has won first place in the Comics and Graphic novels category of the Firebird Book Awards for their quarterly competition! I'm so thrilled to get this honor!


        Lately I've been busy teaching art at the elementary school and gearing up for my next publication. "The Dragon in The Closet, Book One" is going to be my next book. It's a big graphic novel that compiles the first three issues of the series and half of issue#4, it's also the official halfway point in the story.

                              We are also busy searching for an apartment for my youngest, Naomi. Naomi and Oliver are looking for a new place of their own somewhere in the city which is an exciting step!

      Chloe is busy in Chicago working and studying for her masters degree at the University of Chicago. 
Phoebe is still studying as well in her Astrophysics program in Tucson at the University of Arizona and just informed us we can't move from this house until after the solar eclipse in 2024 which aligns exactly with our rental.... Unfortunately, since I know the landlord has said he will do nothing about our hot water situation we may not make it in this house with over a year of cold showers ahead of us.


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