A home for Betty and more fun at the vaccine clinic

We went in on Sunday for our second dose of AstraZeneca. The drive down was more exciting than usual as they have put up the Carnaval statues. 

These are the only two I managed to capture on my phone as we drove past.

The lines were massive because today was the last vaccination day for the month. Mike and I needed extra paperwork so we were brought over to a special table. The man had us wait a bit then began to work on our new papers. After a while, an elderly Canadian man was brought over to wait behind us. As he was finishing my paperwork the Canadian man began to shout "If I don't get a chair soon I'm going to collapse!", so the guy filling out my papers gave him his chair. Then he moved onto Mike's paperwork, and I tried to talk to the Canadian guy. All he wanted to say to me was "I don't mean to be rude, but you guys are plugging things up! I shouldn't have to wait so long! Why are those ladies not doing anything-Must be great to have a government job!!" So I walked away and waited over by Mike.
Then a Mexican lady was lost and asked the man filling in Mike's paperwork where to go. As she was getting directions, the Canadian suddenly springs to his feet "I'm next! I'm not waiting anymore! You help me now!"
Mike yells back "Hey, settle down, he's just about done with my papers!"
"I have a driver waiting!! You want to take this outside?!!"
"Perhaps we need to call security" (Mike)
Then the security guard with the machine gun starts walking over. The Canadian man sits down for a minute (muttering about rude Americans)and the guy helping us hands Mike his paperwork and hustles the Canadian man out of there... Then we got vaccinated...

I was a bit wobbly on Monday, but now I am fine. Monday was a big day for me as I finally, finally launched my webcomic "After The Robots Died"-It's up on two websites: Tapas ,and I set it up on Tumblr.

Arriving as embryos and raised by robots, a colony of children on a distant planet struggles to survive when all the robots begin to shut down.

Some good news is that our sweet kitty friend Betty has a new home waiting for her in Orange County, CA. I have already bought our plane tickets and our big trip to the states is in 10 days!



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