Plague Days 2020: winter?

The beach at sunrise

 It's started cooling down here in Mazatlàn. Which is a strange sort of sentence, because "cooling down" just means there's a lovely breeze and it's like summertime in Maine. Not so hot and humid that we don't mind going out midday and last night we slept with just a big fan on and no a/c. It's important to have fans on because of Dengue Fever. Mosquitos don't like fans and Dengue is a nightmare. It's called "Bone-break fever" because whenever you move it feels like your bone is breaking and your eyes hurt so, so much. A friend of mine just suffered through Dengue and COVID 19 at the same time!

The lifeguard stand

The drawback to having the city cool and comfortable is our water situation. When it was hot out the fact that our hot water heater broke down was no big deal. The water from the pipes was lukewarm and every time we came in from outside we were covered in sweat and the shower was perfect. Now the water is quite cold and it's a bit of torture to keep up with the daily bathing. Our landlord is "working on it" though.

walking on the sand

     Most days we work and walk Oscar on the beach and then do more work. Life is still a quarantine haze for us.

 Recently I went down to Plazuela Machado in Centro and Phoebe and I took a look at the Dia de Los Muertos art that was still on display..

We loved the skulls and the Katrina and then there was this...

This bizarre doll exhibit.

I personally love things like this but I was surprised to see it.

Anyway, it was impressive.

This week I'm auctioning my art from my children's book, Andy and The Pharaoh's Cat.

Anyway, the art is being sold in large groups of 43-4 pieces together, with a copy of the book and it includes international shipping through DHL.

Hopefully, some of these will sell as this is different than how I usually sell my art from books.

I hope you all have a fabulous week! Hasta lluego.


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