Plague Days 2020: The rainy season and school online


  The rains have returned and as you can see my dog is loving it (No... No, he's not.) This means that when we run laundry we hang our clothes and wind up leaving them there for days waiting for some sun to dry them. We might go back to just dropping off some kilos of laundry to get washed around the corner soon. At least it's actually dry AND she folds it all for us!

  We've been in Mazatlán a year now. The heat and humidity are very familiar and the little geckos that stream up the walls of buildings are back. I remember last year the roof inside the gazebo at the park was teeming with them. The mosquitos are back in droves so worries about Dengue and Chikungunya are as ever-present as worries about COVID19. There are also a lot of really large brown moths fluttering around outside that my cats enjoy hunting. I would feel bad but there's hundreds of them!

   Everyone here is hunkered down and back in school. Phoebe has just finished her first month of college (YAY!), Naomi has been at it for a while now, Mike has been teaching again for the last couple of weeks and Chloe is in orientation meetings all week, (I'm the odd man out with just Spanish study to do). 
  I have had a couple Halloween orders from my mask store, but with my new increased pricing to cover Fedex or DHL shipping sales are pretty slim. I did find another awesome mannequin to recycle into an art piece.

Since this mannequin was darker I chose a Little Red Riding Hood theme.

I have a fondness for drawing children in peril, so Little Red Riding Hood is an ideal story for me.

This is it finished. I haven't set it up for hanging yet.

Naomi tells me it's her favorite piece from me because she likes the idea of boobs that bite!

Anyway, This is the second mannequin I've found. Not sure what I'll paint if I find another, but I guess we'll see! (The stores around here are filled with these mannequins-fingers crossed!)


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