Plague Days 2020: Mexico reopens

The ocean from the Malecon

   So the beach officially opens tomorrow here in Mazatlán, along with the Malecon, the hotels, and much of the city. They are hoping for tourists and I'm honestly really torn. I miss walking on the beach each evening here and drinking Pina Coladas, and surfing with Miguel and basically our life here before COVID, but I don't want to see this city turn into what is happening in so many places in the States. Los Angeles County just reported that 1 in 140 people have an active case of COVID19, and in 2 weeks it will be 1 in 70. I don't really think I'm ready for this.

The neighbor's coconut tree

 Last week the exhibit "The View From Here" opened at the Elizabeth Jones Art Center in Oregon, with two of my little paintings on display. I guess Oregon reopened as well. The online exhibit is slated for August right now.

I was also recently interviewed by Green Olive Arts in Morocco about my time in quarantine, my current projects and we discussed my Earth Day mural. You can read it on their blog here! 

This is another mask from my series of Plague Doctor Masks for my online store. Hopefully, people will feel inspired to cosplay 2020!!

  In the meantime, Mike has just started teaching his summer classes, and Chloe, Naomi, and Phoebe are still sorting out their online school plans. I'm hoping neither Phoebe or Chloe will have to stay on campus in the States this fall!!

Anyway, take care, wear a mask, and feel free to read my weekly webcomics from the safe cocoon of your home!
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