Visiting the Emergency Room in Mexico, and a day at the Mercado de Juarez

       Last night was our first visit to the hospital since we arrived in September. Naomi picked up a virus from the children she works with and has been steadily getting worse over the last week. Finally last evening she said she couldn't take a deep breath anymore and just looked miserable and pale, so I brought her into the ER at the closest hospital. It's called Hospital Marina de Mazatlán and happens to be a private facility. 
        The hospital was quiet at 8:30pm so our wait was really short. She saw the doctor and he felt the upper right quadrant of her lung was blocked and it could develop into pneumonia, then he mentioned some scary things about the new coronavirus outbreak in China, which was fairly distressing. So she immediately got a nebulizer treatment (which she needs every 6 hours) and was discharged. In case you're ever sick in Mexico, you should not be afraid to go to the doctor. The facilities were very good and the people are very skilled. As an American, I panicked when I realized we had to go to the ER and then that she was getting a treatment. We are currently uninsured and if this was in the States we'd be setting ourselves us for a huge bill. Here, the ER visit cost $824 pesos ($42 dollars). Then we went to the pharmacy and bought a nebulizer machine and A LOT of meds including an antiviral medication for $1334 pesos ($72 dollars). Anyway, Naomi responded well to the treatments, but it's killing me. I have to give it to her at 3am, 9am, 3pm, 9pm for the next few days and I'm more of an 8 hour a night sleeper, but once I'm awake I can't get to sleep again for an hour or so.

This weekend while Naomi was resting we went out to the huge Juarez Market.

The mercado in Juarez is over more than a hectar in size and they have EVERYTHING!

Unfortunately, it was quite hot on Sunday so we were really overheated.

We did see a lot of interesting things and the smells brought me right back to the medina in Morocco!

I did find a bunch of supplies for the sculpture I'm working on for Carnaval, but after an hour or so we grabbed a pulmonia (taxi) and went over to the Malecon for lunch.

It was so nice to be back by the ocean breeze!

Mike and Phoebe in the restaurant.

Anyway, this is the millipede design for the sculpture I'm building for Carnaval, to be hung from the balcony of the "Sea Of Possibilities" Gallery overlooking the parade route.

Progress is slow but I'm getting there! YAY! (more pictures soon)


Anonymous said…
Y'know, you could stretch your time just once and get on a 12:00 am, 6:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 6:00 pm schedule. You still won't get your 8 straight hours sleep, but it's a much more convenient time!
Hi, Yes! I wish I'd seen this not months ago. :)

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