Back to school.New projects and old.


Last night was the lunar eclipse and Phoebe's science homework was to draw five lunar phases. I think it came out beautifully. She really likes both science and art so this was a good fit. In fact she's going to be mentoring with a medical illustration group this semester. She's really excited about it.

This week I finished my new sketchbook for the 2019 Sketchbook Project tour.

As you can see it's called "Kragglepus".

It's a story about a dragon and a boy. The sketchbook will go on tour to 5 or 6 cities in the US and Canada and then go into the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library. I created one last year that toured the country and is available to view online here in the library's collection.

   In other news, I'm back to teaching my art classes. In my Friday art class, one of my 8 year old students was telling me his stepfather is a manager at a Circle K and he's been robbed FOUR times!! Three of them were cigarette robberies.
So I had to ask "What's a cigarette robbery?'
"When they fill a big garbage can with all the cartons of cigarettes."
Pretty crazy right? Sounds like an awkward getaway.

 The good news though is that right now it seems I'm going to be working on a new children's book project. Hopefully we'll get through all the various stages and I'll be able to share some of the work here. 


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