Finishing the mural and Back to school

On Saturday we worked nearly all day on the dragon mural at Desert Ridge Mall. I was in a bit of a panic because I was so far behind schedule.

I worked hard trying to get the dragon looking good because a photographer for a local paper was coming that night to photograph it and me while I worked. Mike came along because Phoebe couldn't make it and we made A LOT of progress.

By 3pm it started looking a lot better, so I decided to go home and clean up before the media people showed up. That night both Mike and Phoebe came along and a lot more was done in a short time!

Here's Mike helping me again on Sunday. I love this man, he had 10,000 things to do and took this time to help me. After this we went to the airport and he flew to San Francisco to shoot drawing demonstration videos for The Academy of Art University (which is where he is now).

And here's a picture Phoebe took of me on Sunday evening, as I finished up. 

Here it is almost finished. There was a pillar in the way, so it was hard to step back and get a good picture. I'm glad I got to do this though, it was like the culmination of my project that I did in Ireland! Also it's amazing to see the entrance gate of Shankill Castle painted here on a building in Phoenix.

That evening we had a little mini celebration for Chloe's birthday a well. Her present from us though is that she's flying back to Missouri to visit her boyfriend before she leaves for Scotland next semester. She flies on Wednesday and Mike is home on Thursday, so I'll be driving back and forth to the airport a lot.

The last few days I've been trying to catch up on mask making and both Naomi and I are "Back to School". Her online classes have started and I'm back teaching after school art at the local elementary schools. It's been a bit hectic (and hot, very hot).


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