The Matsuri Fest and getting back on my feet

A couple weeks ago was the big Japanese festival downtown aka "The Matsuri Fest".

At the time I wasn't really feeling up to it, but I was tired of being home sick and trying to keep up mask orders and teaching and everything else, so we went out. Also I should mention this is the most beautiful time of year here in Phoenix and I hate missing it!!

We parked around the corner by the Science Museum and these huge bronze bug sculptures were outside. So of course we took pictures!

Some of them were attacking tiny people!

Naomi walking by the bugs.

The festival was packed as usual, but we did see this incredible Japanese drumming group perform. After the show they said they give me a free CD if I could answer their trivia question. So I gave it a shot ... "What is the capital of New York?"
 Laughing I said "Albany!" (we used to live there). So cool new CD.  

We also wandered through the bonsai area, sampled Japanese cuisine, and I just had to buy this:

It's a disposable bidet (or as the lady standing next to me proclaimed "It's a bum wash!!").

We had a good day out, but I was exhausted. The next day I found out why at the clinic. I had pneumonia. After a week of postponing obligations, canceling classes, and of course taking antibiotics. I'm starting to feel better.

Last weekend though, with my mask store offline, I decided to refurbish these bookends we bought at a thrift store.

This is before painting.

This is after painting. I went for an Alice in Wonderland feel.

They came out quite nice, I even added felt on the bottom.

Anyway I'm feeling much better and yesterday I started my Artist Residency at Copper Canyon Elementary School. I'm running mask making workshops with the children all month between my other teaching. The staff and kids were incredibly welcoming, so I'm quite excited!


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