Drawing in the Gardens and the Woman's March in Phoenix

Last week we picked up some passes to the Japanese Friendship Gardens right here in Phoenix.

It's literally right down the road and this is the first time we've gone over!

At the entrance they sold us some fish food. We only bought one bag as I was focused on my goal, which was to draw from life here.

Feeding the koi fish was surprisingly entertaining though.

The fish swarmed with their mouths gaping. They were a throbbing mass in the water.

The fish are actually quite large. Here you can see them compared to a duck on the surface. The ducks liked to swoop in and grab the fish food.

We took a look at some of the monuments and found a spot to draw.

This is a drawing I did of the pond

Mike's drawing of the waterfall.

And Phoebe's drawing of everything!

Also last weekend we participated in the Woman's March at the capital.  On social media I've seen a lot of backlash about people marching so in response this is my list of why I decided to go:

1. I believe women should get the same pay for doing the same job as a man.
2. I think women should get the same care and attention to their needs and concerns in medical facilities as men do.
3. I think the police should properly investigate the disappearance of large numbers of Navajo and Hopie Indian women.
4. I think women should get paid maternity leave in this country that lasts at least 3-6 months.

It was packed full of people marching.

Me walking in the sun.

Another shot of people marching.

A gathering of Navajos and other native peoples.

Oscar found a quiet hill to sit on.

In other news I've finished up making the last of the musical instruments from Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Fish Accordion 

Sax from behind

The Saxophone

So now I'm back to teaching and making masks most of the time. Last week in my classes I introduced oil painting to elementary school kids!! It went surprisingly well.


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