Is it Halloween yet?

Sugar Plum Fairy Mask

Right now I'm making masks. All.The. Time. This is a mask of the Sugar Plum Fairy I made
for a custom order. She's from The Nutcracker Suite.

Working constantly makes me think about last summer, wandering through the medina in Tétouan, Morocco. Wishing I was back there. This is a painting Naomi made from the rooftop of the riad.

Frankenstein on stilts

I did take a night off last weekend to go to first Friday.

It was a festival atmosphere since it's one of the first cool evenings we've had for First Friday since April.

We also stopped in to see the opening of my friend, Kyllan Maney's new mural. Which is a stunning addition down on Roosevelt Ave.

Anyway, back to work....


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