Under the desert sun

The past week and half has been the usual for summer in Phoenix. Just "surface of the sun" weather. Step outside and get inside as fast as you can.  It's a tough place to come home to in the summer.

I've been consumed with running summer camps for Abrakadoodle, Inc. in Scottsdale. By the end of the week some of the kids were tired of face painting so we went with feet painting!

The kids LOVED it and we had a lot of fun!

It was a challenging week for teaching though. I teach at different sites all over the Valley and need to lug supplies with me. Generally not a problem but my rolling cart broke and I needed to move a lot of supplies under the desert sun.

I'm also still promoting my fundraiser for my artist residency in Morocco. There are many books and masks and even paintings available as gifts for anyone who donates (think of it as shopping!)

This is my frog mask that I just finished.

It's one of many masks you could choose from from my fundraiser!

Chloe and Heidi in Little Italy, San Diego

Chloe spent the last 10 days visiting her old friend Heidi in San Diego.  Heidi is a bit nutty and at one point signed them both up to volunteer at the Food Festival dressed as sushi for the day! I truly wish I had a photo of her as a sushi..... Anyway this morning I sit drinking one of the hundreds of packets of Thai coffee Heidi's family sent her home with. Like the package says "It's tasty AND delicious"!!


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