Naomi's off to the Grand Canyon and a life changing opportunity

Early yesterday morning we dropped Naomi off at her school at 4am and put her on a bus with 100 of her classmates....

The sixth grade class gathered at predawn to head north on a visit to the Grand Canyon.

 Naomi and Kari taking selfies on the bus!

Arriving at the canyon...
 The ranger explaining not to feed the squirrels.

 One of Naomi's perfect canyon photos...

Naomi at the canyon.

Naomi with Nathanial.

A perfect day at the canyon.

 In other news, I've been invited to an artist residency in Morocco for next summer (2017)!! It's an amazing opportunity for me and huge for my career. My project is to create a small scale cityscape of my host city, of Tétouan, Morocco, complete with glowing windows and and a massive moon and stars that hang above. The installation is called "Night over Tétouan"

Moon and stars piece.

My thumbnail of the installation. The city will be 3d not a silhouette  like in the drawing.
I'll need to get some rooftop photos to create it though.

It's an opportunity to share my art with people from very different cultures. I will be working with local high school students who come by the studios and through my installation I hope to reach out to the local community. While the residency is already partially funded and I've already covered some expenses I still need to raise more funds to cover incidentals and a bunch of vaccines needed to travel to Africa.  Anyway I just set up a Gofundme here!


Kate said…
Congratulations!!! Very cool!

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