So Freaking Busy

The mask making thing has me spinning these days. Last Friday I overnighted these three masks to NYC to be part of a John Varvatos fashion show!! So cool, but I haven't got any photos to share yet, hopefully my buyer will send me some. :)

In the meantime I did get more photos from my favorite photographer who's been buying my masks pretty regularly...

©Sharon Covert
This is by Sharon Covert with my blue flower masquerade mask, and this one is with my witch queen mask....
©Sharon Covert
I shipped off my first Mardi Gras sale to New Orleans yesterday morning and I'm meeting with a local gallery on Tuesday about showing some of my masks there (fingers crossed).

This weekend I'm starting a new children's book job hopefully all will go well, and have started my big fish sculpture for a different gallery show next month.

Mike is also swamped as his new semester teaching art is starting and he's plotting his next kickstarter for his new project "Mystery Meat". Plus he's working on a book cover job, promoting his own etsy store, and working on "I am a Barbarian". A comic by Edgar Rice Burroughs that will be up soon on this site and run monthly.

In the meantime Chloe has managed to get her driver's permit and is all over us to show her how to drive. I'm only a little terrified as the first time I sat behind the wheel I plowed the family car into a tree, and cracked my Dad's head against the windshield. She's also directing a play for the 10 minute play festival which is pretty cool. Phoebe is anxiously deciding on a high school for next year and Naomi is contemplating dying her hair blue. At least I'm not sick anymore.

Anyway we've been working so constantly I've been thinking we should go to that Chocolate Festival up in Glendale this weekend. It would be good to get out and eat some chocolate...mmmmmm.....chocolate.


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