Winter rains and a first day of school

On Thursday it rained and rained. It doesn't rain that often in Phoenix so each time it's an event and I write about it. Everyone here keeps their eye on the ever diminishing water table, but that's life in the desert.  On Friday morning I walked the dog on the shady side of the street. As I strolled down the sidewalk my feet crunched, and crunched.  I looked down to discover I'd been crushing a swarm of tiny snails that had covered the concrete.  It was sad and gross at the same time.

In other news, Naomi started a new school this week. She's been having a miserable year at middle school.  Her grades were slipping badly for the first time in her whole school career.  After much discussion we decided a fresh start was worth a try. As you can see she wears a uniform again.  She hasn't gone to a uniform school since we lived in Argentina.  It will be an adjustment, but hopefully a good one.

This month I'm sad to announce that our radio show "Art of The Red River" has been cancelled.  We've had many wonderful guests over the years and all of us (myself, and my co-hosts Mike and Wade) were all sorry to see it end, but we had a great three year run!

I've been working on another sculpture for my solo show at the Central Gallery.  The concept behind my work for this show is that the sculpture bursts out from the book, showing the world that's held inside.  This sculpture will hang on the wall and is called "The Little Ship".

Also, I've started my holiday shopping.  Every year I say I'm going to plan better, but then I don't and rush about in the last couple of weeks before Christmas.  Sae la vie.


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