Starting School and a Sea Monster

The girls returned to school this week.  I didn't get any pictures of it as they're older now and there's no more pretending that returning to school doesn't mean a whole lot of work and responsibility for them.

Naomi started middle school with Phoebe and seems to be adjusting well.  I'm super excited because for the first time in years 2 of my kids are in the same school!! My life is slightly easier!! YAY!!

In other news my latest children's book is hitting the presses soon....

Look for "Andy Alligator's Bayou Adventure, A Grandmother's Tale" (I know it's a mouthful, but this time it's not my fault, "Peachie T" is the author!) .  It will be on Amazon and where children's books are sold very soon.

In the mean time I'm getting started on building this:

It will be a 12 foot long sea monster sculpture for The Grand Avenue Festival downtown.

You can get an idea of how large he's going to be from the photos of my template drawing:



Anyway he's still in the beginning stages, but I think for this project I'll be using glitter.  Everyone likes glitter.


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