Killing time with origami dragons

My kids are bored.  Well, two of them are.  The two that joyfully finished school last week are milling around, stealing my computer and finding things online to keep them busy.

Things like staying up all night and learning to make origami dragons.

I awoke to an army of them littering the kitchen table.  Phoebe made them all.  Then she taught Naomi.  Then she slipped about 20 of them into one of Chloe's school books, who wound up giving them all out to friends at school.  But not to worry, by the time Chloe came home that day they had all been replaced with freshly made dragons..... There's even one in my car on the dash.

Naomi is amusing herself in her usual way.  By baking.  These are her cupcakes.

They were very yummy.... Too yummy!  

Recently we received a letter from Mike's aunt that was written in script.  Naomi was upset because she couldn't read it.  It seems they've stopped teaching cursive writing in school, so I bought her a workbook online.  Both her sisters learned cursive when we lived in Argentina.  In fact when Chloe started school there she was hysterical because not only was everything written on the board in Spanish, but it was also in cursive.  We had to buckle down and teach her fast!  So it's more cursive writing practice around here until camp begins. Just another week or two, by then we'll have so many dragons....


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