Visiting the Mingei

As we waited for Naomi's bus from camp to arrive in Balboa Park, we decided to use our free pass to visit the Mingei Museum.

The entrance stairwell has a bizarre "angel" hovering above.

The red thing she's holding appears to be neon and glows!

It was really quite cool...
There was also some very interesting hats in the head dress exhibit....

These were unusual paper hats made by a homeless man in Hawaii.  His name was Moses.  (It turns out he studied art). Awesome hats though.

Chloe and Phoebe seemed to enjoy the head gear.

I was more fond of the cat room.

Naomi came of the bus looking like she was glad to get a vacation from her hair brush. :)  She had a blast at sleep away camp and spent her first evening home crying about how she missed her camp friends.


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