Are you ready yet?

“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.”―Mark Twain

Thank you Mark Twain.  That's my new mantra.  There's only four days until we go to Wonder Con up in Anaheim, CA.  No, I'm not ready.  There's only two weeks till our next radio show, and none of my artists are available that day, so, no I'm not ready for that, and there's only four weeks till "Once Upon A Mattress" opens, and ....AHHHH!

We did do some painting on the big bird cage this past weekend though...

It needed to be a precious looking cage, so we made it gold.

It looked great it the sun, but over in the shade we saw all the spots we missed.... So we moved it back to the sun, and sprayed it some more. Then back to the shade and we still missed spots, and it went on like that!
This is the base, constructed by the very talented Ray Evans.  I just sprayed it with a stone facade.

We also started painting the big backdrop that will be the parapet, hanging off the balcony.  It's very long and skinny so we strung together old backdrop from "Nunsense" and "Seussical".  Parts of the old paintings will show as they won't be seen from the audience.  This saves time and paint.  Well back to trying not to panic... Cheers!


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