So many rehearsals....

Today is opening night for "Seussical".  Which means late night dress rehearsals all week here.  Mike and I are in the make up room.  He's been assigned the Grinch, and has been evolving his makeup all week.  This is the first try...

Here he is last night at the final dress....

As you can see he lightened the mouth and that little imp, Ingrid, jumped in the shot.  She plays a jungle animal and a fish and happens to be a talented dancer.

This is "Mayzie" in the play.  She just came offstage. No she won't be wearing jeans tonight.

These are two (of three) bird girls.

Gabe is one of the Wickersham brothers (they're monkeys).

One of the makeup department heads, Sarah, painting Vlad the eagle's eyes.

These are the hunters, waiting for their cue to go on.

This is the only onstage shot I dared take, as I couldn't turn off my flash.  This morning I figured it out though, so tonight, I'm getting some photos!!


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