A Mexican Thanksgiving

The day began with waiting....

"Mom, I'm trying to read!"

Waiting for the trolley, on the "Holiday Schedule" for our Thanksgiving trip to Tijuana, Mexico.

This time we took a taxi across town, and right near this fifty foot Jesus in "Zona Río" was "El Mundo Divertido"!

That means "World of Fun" or "Funny World" not sure which, but this purple guy is their mascott!

First stop the swings!!

Looks like fun!

They're Mayan, of course!

Now we must go on a roller coaster....

"Did it mess up my hair?"

The viking boat... A favorite.

This caterpillar has a face that was scarier than the ride.

Time for a wetter experience.

Naomi's boat engine stalled, and had to be rescued.

Back at the dock.

 After this we tried a local Sushi Restaurant for dinner. Everything was good that was NOT sushi. The sushi was inedible and had a lot of cheese in it. I should have taken a picture!

So we headed back to the arcade.

I'm helping the girls decide which of these fabulous games to play next!!

 After piling into a tiny taxi we waited for an hour and a half on la linéa to get back to the USA! Then it was home for the many pies we made for Thanksgiving!


Balqis DBJ said…
Love all the beautiful pics. That was really fun!
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed viewing your photos! muito legal-very cool!
Unknown said…
What a cool idea to spend Thanksgiving with your family in Mexico for the day. My daughter goes to SDSU and I'm here in NJ. Sometimes the world just doesn't seem fair. Lived in Ventura for 10 years and miss California sooo much! Some day I will be back.It may be bankrupt, but it is the best place on earth, well besides Disney World!(lol)
Ryan said…
Sounds like you had so much fun in sunny Mexico, we're under a blanket of snow here!!
It's a great little amusement park, since it was all in pesos, it cost around $40 USD for the rides and games for all three kids. A great day out! :)

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