A Night Out at the Game

Even though we spent this week with one kid home sick after another, we all felt well enough by Wednesday to head out to the Aztec's women's basketball game with some friends at Viejas Arena.

They were giving out these fabulous wigs at the door!

They also gave out these banners (It stands for San Diego State University).

This was the best shot I could get of the players. These ladies were incredible to watch. They never stopped moving and running for 2 hours!

It was riveting! YAY! Aztecs won!

On Monday Chloe was honored with many awards at school. Excellence in Science, a 4.0 GPA, an "All Star" award, and and Honor Roll Certificate. Go Chloe! OK, that's enough parental bragging. :)

Today our hearts go out to those in Chile, as they suffer the aftermath of an earthquake 500 times stronger (an 8.8) than Haiti's recent disaster. Chile is an amazing and beautiful country, and I do hope to return one day. Sadly they get much more than their fair share of natural disasters

California has been on tsunami alert, the waves hitting the coast are very high and the beaches have been closed.
They say a tsunami is coming,and fortunately my family does not live in a danger zone, so our life goes on.


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