Goodbye Bariloche!!

I've been avoiding writing this post for four weeks, because I knew it would make me cry. On May 12th we boarded a plane, with 20 pieces of luggage, three kids, and our cat and left our wonderful home in the Andes to San Diego, California. There were many valid reasons... family, work, continually struggling with the language (those "foreigner moments" that just never stop for expats). But what it came down to and what was really evident when we arrived here in San Diego is that we are really needed here.
Our time in Bariloche is something we all will cherish for the rest of our lives. Argentina is a beautiful country with kind and wonderful people that we all miss every day. Below are some photos of some of the people who will always be in our hearts.

Naomi's best friend Kuana, who decided to run out of the photo at the last minute...

Kalea, Naomi, Chole, Tor, and Phoebe... Not pictured are Kalea and Tor's parents, Jill and Peter who just moved to Bariloche from Alaska.

Phoebe and her best friend Valen.

Chloe and her best friend Priscila.

Our good friend Betina suprised us at the airport....

Naomi and Fabi, her teacher in the jardin and her friend

With Vero on the last day of school. She was the girls Spanish tutor before school started and Chloe's fourth grade teacher.

At the Airport with our wonderful friend and Spanish teacher, Betina.


DadNumberOne said…
My favorite part of travelling to Argentina with kids is how accommodating people are there to people with kids. In the US people are not pleasant or understanding to people with children. In Argentina they will bend over backward to help.
People there were so laid back. They all seemed to love children, which made it great for us. :)

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